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1928   Škodovy závody Plzeň, a.s, závod Dubnica nad Váhom established, production commences in 1930.

1945   Renamed Škodovy závody, n. p., Dubnica nad Váhom

1950   Renamed Škoda Dubnica nad Váhom, n. p.

1951   Renamed Závody K. J. Vorošilova, n. p., Dubnica nad Váhom

1952   Smelters including P4 - operational within Závody K. J. Vorošilova, n. p.

1952   Start of production in the pattern shop

1952   Tapping of first casting performed on 28 October, 4t furnace E3 (Hérault)

1952   Centrifugal pipe casting

1953   ZVS (údolie) enterprise removed from ZTS, added to FMVS

1953   20t furnace E1 (Siemens Halske), refurbished in 1963 with a capacity of 25t

1953   6t furnace E2 (Siemens Halske), refurbished in 1980 with a capacity of 10t + new controls

1954   Start of manual forming shop

1955   6t furnace E4 (Siemens Halske), refurbished in 1980 with a capacity of 10t

1956   10t furnace E5, refurbished in 1963 with a capacity of 15t

1958   Start of machine production

1958   CKV 2600t and CKV 1000t

1958   Chamber furnaces + 3 tempering furnaces

1959   10 t gas kilns, 600 t press for straightening torsion rods

1959   Oil hardening, addition of oil tank

1959   Start of machine/roughing shop operations, gradual installation of machinery

1959   3,500t of castings per year produced for machine forming

1960   Small and closed-die drop forging shop (screw and hydraulic presses, steam and counterblow hammers, HKS horizontal forging press, CKZ 63O...)

1962   Renamed Strojárske a metalurgické závody, n. p. Dubnica nad Váhom

1963   Installation of deep furnaces

1965   Establishment of VHJ Martin, ZTS added to VHJ

1966   Large 21t handler installed for CKV 2600

1966   Export of open-die drop forgings under the POLDI Kladno brand

1967   Metallurgy Plant established as an independent organisational and economic unit within the enterprise, later ZTS Z 08

1967   Launch of the KH crankshaft forging line, installation of 2 80t annealing furnaces

1969   2 more annealing furnaces

1969   Opening of the KAMENICA recreational facility in Trenčianske Teplice

1970   CEAG exhaust station, rated for 34,400 m3/h

1970   UHG1

1971   Liquid steel production > 80,000t

1973   16t shaft forged for Třinec steelworks from a 22t ingot, production of 40,000 crankshafts a year

1975   UHG2

1978   Renamed Závody ťažkého strojárstva, n. p. Dubnica nad Váhom

1980   Overhaul of deep furnaces

1982   Installation of KH forging line with CLEARING rotational positioning

1982   10,000 ČME3 frames produced

1987   Opening of new hall for the new hardening shop facility, currently RIBE

1987   Completion of DH1a expansion to steel mill (ETP, VAD, ingot casting)

1987   2,000,000th tons of steel

1987   KAZAČOK food service establishment

1987   KAPSCH power factor correction equipment installed

1987   200,000th tonne of castings produced since the start of production

1987   1,000,000th tons of forgings produced since the start of production

1988   Renamed ZTS, k. p., Dubnica nad Váhom

1988   Double crucible EIP 2x2t

1988   Schalco and Kmae hot core shell machines installed

1989   Renamed ZTS, š. p., Dubnica nad Váhom

1989   ETP (USSR type) for 425, 510, 550 and 650 square ingots

1993   Aquatensid polymer quenching

1994   LZK 2500 installed for precision closed-die drop forging

1995   DMD Holding, a. s. Trenčín established with the incorporation of ZTS, š. p., Dubnica nad Váhom into the holding company

1996   ZTS, a. s., Dubnica nad Váhom (bankrupt on 25 January 1999)

1996   MAPEKO high temperature ladle heating and Nuova Sirma sliding ladle covers

1997   ZTS-Dubnica nad Váhom plus, a. s. (DMD subsidiary, bankrupt 22 April 2003)

1997   ZTS-METALURGIA, a. s. Dubnica nad Váhom

2001   METALURG, a. s., auction of ZTS-METALURGIA, a.s. (70% of assets, remainder purchased from ZTS-Dubnica nad Váhom plus, a.s.)

2005   Metalurg Steel, s r. o., Modra until 2012

2007   Complete ALPHASET forming line installed

2008   Carousel heating furnace in die forging shop commissioned

2013   Dubnický metalurgický kombinát, s r. o., Dubnica nad Váhom bankrupt (19th August 2014)

2015   Sale of bankrupt Dubnický metalurgický kombinát, s r. o., (31st October 2015)