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ZTS METALURG, a.s. has many years of experience and a long tradition in the production of open and closed-die drop forgings as well as steel castings, cast steel and alloy steels. The company has focused since its establishment on the production of raw materials and intermediate products for use in the defence industry, in the railway, naval and mining segments and in handling, mining, construction and agricultural equipment. Its main products and services are complemented by heat treatment, heavy machining/roughing shop services and the services of its certified laboratory, including metallography and corrosion testing. Geographically,  ZTS METALURG, a.s. is located at km 140 on the D1 motorway in the city of Dubnica nad Váhom.

The company welcomes cooperation as part of the development of its activities. We are also ready and willing to discuss production capacities and the delivery of components for use in the following industries and segments:

  • industrial machinery and equipment
  • modern agricultural tractors and machinery
  • products for use in heavy trucks, components and spare parts for rolling stock
  • special machinery

Our production facility is logistically and technologically ready to handle the production of large series and volumes of a diverse range of products and components.