Upravit stránku

Heat treatment involves the use of modern furnaces with automatic temperature controls. Furnaces operate within a tolerance of +/- 5°C inside their chambers. The entire technological process is computer controlled. Deep furnaces and furnaces with carts are used during heat treatment.

Deep furnaces with electric heating and length of up to 9,500 mm

  • Set of deep furnaces with electric heat up to 950°C
  • Quenching media: oil, water and air

Furnaces with carts with electric and gas heat and length up to 4,800 mm

  • Set of furnaces with carts and electric heat up to 1050°C
  • Quenching media: oil, water, polymer and air
furnaces provide nearly all types of annealing processes and refinement methods in different quenching media and are equipped with automatic controls and temperature recording.