Upravit stránku

Two semi-automatic mixers with Alfaset technology are used for forming.

Casting weights70 – ca 9,000 kg shipping weight
Materialslow and medium alloy steels
 manganese steel
Casting parameters    wall thickness, min. 12 – 14 mm
 for castings over 1,000 kg, min. 18 mm
Available finishesSTN EN ISO 8062-3 DCTG 12 class precision
 normalization without roughing
 normalization with roughing
 refining without roughing
 refining with roughing
 soluble annealing (manganese steel)
 all castings are ground and sand blasted 
AcceptanceSTN EN ISO 8062-3 DCTG 12
 STN EN 1559-1-2
 VK STN EN 1370 VC 3
 MT crack testing under STN EN 1369
 UZ testing under STN EN 12680-1 – only