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The closed-die drop forging shop produces closed-die drop forgings in large and small series. Closed-die drop forgings are produced in weights ranging from 35 to 450 kg. The most commonly produced products are in a range from 50 to 300 kg. SUPERFORM and SUPERFORGE technical software is deployed in the verification of the technical designs to ensure the quality of the most complicated closed-die drop forgings. The machining division processes castings and forgings on standard and numeric control machines. Castings and forgings require processing in order to simplify their final processing and to ensure cleanliness and quality when conducting testing.

                                  Closed-die drop forging shop - machinery

Closed-die drop forging   Counterblow hammers UHG1 and UHG2 
Heating of intermediate materialsCarousel furnace, 3200 mm in diameter
Material preparation before forging      CZK 1600B press
Material handlingDango Dienenthal handler
Forging weights35 - 450 kg
Maximum forging diameter700 mm
Maximum forging surface areaca 4,400 cm2
Finishing options for forgingssandblasting or surface roughing
Forging materialregular steels, class 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 and 16
Monthly production300 t of forgings