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CZECHOSLOVAK GROUP (CSG) is a holding company building on the tradition of Czechoslovak industry, which supports and continues to develop the activities of traditional Czech and Slovak companies in the areas of defence and civil industrial production. Its portfolio includes the production and sales of military and special-purpose vehicles, off-road trucks, weapons and weapon systems, munitions, machined products for the car, rail and aviation industries and braking systems for rolling stock as well as road transport and logistics services. The group places a strong emphasis on the quality of its products and services and on exports. The holding company’s products can be found on every continent and its ranks of customers continue to grow. CZECHOSLOVAK GROUP holding companies employed nearly 4,000 people and generated revenues of  CZK 12 billion in 2015.


Czech portion

EXCALIBUR ARMY - overhaul, repair, modernization, development and production of wheeled and tracked military vehicles. Equipment includes BVP armoured personnel carriers, T-72 tanks, the DANA self-propelled artillery system , MLRS systems, bridging and engineering vehicles, etc.; key manufacturing capacity is provided by the former state-owned military repair facility in Šternberk, which the company purchased in 2013 and continues to develop; the company concluded a strategic partnership with the multinational concern General Dynamics in 2015, which allows EXCALIBUR ARMY to offer, sell and deliver PANDUR II 8x8 CZ vehicles in different territories.

TATRA DEFENCE VEHICLE - specialises in the manufacture, overhaul and modernisation of primarily armoured and specialised vehicles for domestic and foreign customers, for instance PANDUR II 8x8 vehicles, tanks, Land Rover vehicles and more.

DAKO-CZ - manufactures and develops pneumatic, electro mechanical and hydraulic brake systems and components for rolling stock, including passenger wagons and goods wagons, commuter rail vehicles, locomotives, and subway and tram vehicles; the company is celebrating its 200th anniversary and has a modern test laboratory and design department

KARBOX - manufactures integrated containers, containerised workspaces and container and specialised bodies, for instance complete field hospitals for NATO

EXCALIBUR INTERNATIONAL - deals in civilian and military ground and air equipment and special materials, including comprehensive transportation logistics; delivery of housing, medical and other special-purpose containers; tactical training of special army and police units

Slovak portion



MSM Martin - production, repair, service and decommissioning of military equipment, weapons and ammunition; development and manufacture of radio navigation systems; the company builds on the tradition of the former state-owned military repair facilities in Slovakia in Banská Bystrica, Nováky and Trenčín

ZVS - manufacturer of ammunition for small, medium and large calibre weapons and small arms, engineering activities for the defence and civilian industry with a tradition dating back to 1937